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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

LJ3 Enterprise, LLC provides coaching and leadership development services to those who are interested in going higher in their field. Ranging from individual to group sessions, on-site and off-site workshops, LJ3 Enterprise, LLC can customize any leadership and coaching package to fit your needs.

What can I expect from LJ3 Enterprise?
You can expect a team that is committed to coaching you with passion, inspiring you with purpose, and training you with effectiveness. With cutting-edge training programs designed for your distinct level of leadership, we will strive to empower and equip you for the next level of leadership!
What is the length of your program?
Our programs are designed to fit seven, nine, or twelve-month sessions and can be customized to reflect your personal, professional, and organizational needs.
I've participated in leadership programs before, what makes yours different?
What makes our leadership programs different is our focus on building the person within the leader. It is a program that is designed to focus on servant-leadership and fostering positive growth through healthy relationships.
How can I connect with you?
You can reach us at


A three-dimensional personal development program focused on counseling, coaching and mentorship.

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