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Bold, confident, insightful – words to describe the personhood of Leslyn A. Johnson.  A Native New Yorker whose roots hail from the country of Guyana, she has been charged as a mentor to the misguided and a motivator to the misunderstood!  Leslyn’s drive and commitment in life is reflected in her service unto others and her passion to see their very best shine through.

Degreed in the areas of psychology and education, Leslyn’s life purpose is to empower and encourage others to become an authentic version of his/her self through the power of relationship and the Word of God.  A teacher by profession, her instructional practices are geared towards identifying and enhancing the unique potential of others along with strengthening their academic, personal, and social-emotional development.  A counselor by design, she believes that no man is called to be an island and boldly stands as an advocate for the silenced and a restorer of hope to those impacted by the cares of the world.  A certified transformational life coach, her goal is to see that everyone in her sphere of influence achieves their destiny while experiencing freedom from the snares that would prevent them from hitting the mark.

A servant leader, her heart is to fulfill the will of God for her life as she strives to see that others fulfill their God given will as well.  An avid student, she has dedicated herself to studying and has been trained in the areas of career and workforce development, counseling, education, ministerial studies, psychology, and technology.

Fueled by a desire to see lives changed, Leslyn believes that destinies are fulfilled when access to the right information, coupled with practical training, produces essential knowledge, all while strengthening the person within.  Seeing a need for such preparation and development, Leslyn became the Founder and Director of LJ3 Enterprise and the Visionary Founder of LJ3 Ministries in 2017.  Affectionately known as “the twins”, LJ3 Enterprise was established to train leaders, transform lives, and transcend limitations while LJ3 Ministries was designed to empower individuals who have been challenged by unforeseen circumstances and tested by life’s situations.  A three-dimensional program, they center on taking a holistic approach to serving those called to function in leadership capacities across various platforms and arenas as well as those who simply aspire for more in their lives.  An agent of change, Leslyn is passionate and determined to see others living a life OF purpose ON purpose!

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”
– Warren Bennis


A three-dimensional personal development program focused on counseling, coaching and mentorship.

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