Here we are: another year, another you, and another set of plans. Now I know you made plans, haven’t you? Plans to do this, plans to go here, and hopefully plans to succeed. But how many of us make plans to FOCUS? We have all entered into a season of purpose, of power, and of promise. In order to be successful, you MUST be a person of focus.

From the rising of the sun to its setting each day, we find ourselves inundated with distractions and thus, sideswiped in a wrestling match with focus. The smartphone, smart appliances, headline news, deadline blues, and family matters. Oh yes, distractions come to put a halt to progress; to seize every moment of advancement in our lives. Distractions come in order to alter the assignments that we are to achieve DAILY and thus, procrastination is born! NO LONGER can we allow distractions and procrastination to invite us to the dance floor and engage us in the tango! We must be focused in this season.

So, how do we make plans to FOCUS? First, lets begin by de-cluttering our thoughts. Do a brain dump and write down everything that comes to mind. Review the list and prioritize what comes first; anything from last season that is not relevant to your new season, GET RID OF IT!! Stop hording and holding on to what is keeping you from moving forward. You must change your mindset in order to change your focus. Next, once you have prioritized what is important, designate a level of importance and focus on first things first. If you struggle with multiple tasks at one time, assign the three most pressing matters and work from there. Once you master those three, then tackle three more; so on and so on. For example, if your goal is to purchase a car, then eating out three times a day would not be a priority on your list. You get the idea. Third, accountability is necessary and you may need the assistance of a friend, mentor, or coach that will hold you accountable during your focus detox. Fourth, identify the time wasters in your life. Whether its people, places, or things, eliminate the time wasters and replace them with time valuers. Finally, determine how important this season and stage of your life is and put the energy of focus towards determining how to overcome your greatest obstacles. Having a positive mental attitude will help foster an internal environment of focus.

Focus will help you hit the mark and achieve success and maturation in your life. You are in a new season ~ the time to focus is NOW!!