Fearless, seen on billboards, worn on t-shirts, branded on the tongues of overcomers, fearlessness is the ability to overpower the fear that is in your life.  When dealing with the spirit of fear and desiring to be F.E.A.Rless, understand that failureexpectationsaccountability and responsibility are all key components of overcoming fear and becoming F.E.A.Rless. Desiring to become F.E.A.Rless requires great effort and work in defeating those nagging issues that stir up fear.  It calls for defeating those concerns, those inadequacies and insecurities that rear their ugly heads, consistently antagonizing us, and trying to persuade their victims to believe that they will amount to nothing and that our futile efforts and attempts at greatness will render us nothing but helpless.  No matter how much we scratch and claw and fight against the lies, we find ourselves in a place where we are held captive, bound by insecurity, gagged by inadequacies, taunted by insufficiencies, and criticized by inferiority. We cannot be a people who possess such great potential on the inside and yet fall prey to the lies of a situation, a culture, or an enemy.  Cunning and devious he is, an envious one, a jealous one, and an enemy that strings tactics of defeat like fresh water pearls. We mustn’t underestimate the depth of power we carry; for it is important to know that we cannot find ourselves captive to a systematic plot that was devised to derail us from what it is we are supposed to do. We were designed with potential, designed with purpose, designed specifically to be a solution to a problem that while we know not what that problem is we are yet the very answer to it.  Why do people run from their assignments or operate out of a place of fear and intimidation? They run because failureis viewed as a flaw, expectations a place of disappointment, accountability denotes weakness, and to shoulder responsibility can be overwhelming. And so, to be one who is F.E.A.Rless, we have to take a look at these four dynamics and understand that there is nothing that we are unable to do without tapping in to the inner power we possess. The ability to acknowledge fear as a culprit to your destiny is the very ammunition you need to address those areas of nothingness, powerlessness.  It is time to take hold and understand that fear is not false evidence appearing real but failure, expectations, accountability, and responsibility that we must hold. We can no longer be a fearful but be F.E.A.Rless, taking each one of those tools and using them as a stepping-stone to greatness. We must overcome fear, become FEARless and become awaken to the fact that without those stepping stones we never really embrace the true and authentic potential on the inside of us. So think back, look back, recognize and understand that fear must become the fuel to get you past your dysfunctional and propel you towards your destiny. Let go of your fear and become FEARless.