Decisions, decisions, decisions…. Decisions are all around us and they are destiny determinants. The right decision can posture you in a way that will position you for destiny in a mighty way. On the flip side, failure to make any sort of decision can cause your destiny to derail. We awaken every day, forced to make a crucial decisions and for the most part, our decisions hinge how we feel. If we’re feeling happy and great, then we make clear decisions but if we find ourselves in a state of despondency or discouragement, then our decisions are based on the very point where our emotions lie. From the moment our eyes open, we are just inundated with the news that’s fit to print; news that comes by way of voicemails, email, all manner of social media, and the majority of our news is second and third hand information, which skews our decision making ability. But when we have news that is first based on actual experiences that we were a part of, an experience that we have been directly engrossed in, making a conscientious decision can prove to be catastrophic if we are not in the right state of mind. When we think about our destiny, we have to first understand the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future; the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate is what defines one’s destiny while a conclusion or resolution reached after considerationthe ability or tendency to make decisions quickly; decisiveness is what it means to make a decision. We must understand how the two are either parallel or polar opposites, or even how they may run along the same gamut and then at the same time completely divert themselves one from another. Destinies hinge on the right decision. And so when we think about, we must ask ourselves how will this very decision impact not only our life but also the lives of those around us. Fear is the enemy of transparency; it is the enemy of our ability to make deliberate decisions that would eventually impact our lives for the better.  When we arise every morning, we are granted the opportunity to make a choice that has the potential of altering the trajectory of our lives forever.  When we are awakened, we are bombarded by the cares of this world and our humanity says, “DON’T MOVE! Stay where you are” and everything will just disappear but that is the game that fear plays with you.  It will do all it can to paralyze you, debilitate you, and ultimately destroy you.  Think about it. One false move can prove to be detrimental to so many people. And so I am charged, you are charged, and we arw all charged before we make any sort of decision, as our destinies are depending on us.